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OU Education Services (OUES) is a not for profit created to manage and grow online learning at the University of Oklahoma. The University of Oklahoma Board of Regents has authorized OU to engage OUES in supporting OU to manage and deliver online programs and courses. OUES was created in collaboration with the university and will improve OU’s capabilities to increase education accessibility. 

OU Education Services (OUES) was created as a separate not for profit organization to demonstrate OU’s commitment to increasing accessibility to high quality education. This structure will allow OU to accelerate innovation and change within the dynamic online learning environment.

OUES will assist OU in market research for existing and new online programs, marketing online programs, enrollment and student success coaching. In addition, OUES will support faculty in developing and maintaining online courses to ensure academic excellence and a strong student experience.

All academic decision-making, including which programs to launch, courses that make up each program, learning outcomes, admissions criteria and learning experience, will be owned and governed by OU and its Colleges. OUES will provide assistance in developing online courses, implementing best practices and offering student support along the journey.

Initially, there will be no changes. OU serves more than 3,000 students online with strong retention and completion rates. Moving forward, OUES will help OU create more online opportunities for students.

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